Youth Ministry

Word Of Life International

The Youth Ministry's vision is to make an impact of God into the daily lives of young people and show them the presence of God. Word of Life Int'l (WLI) provides young people with the opportunities to explore the mission of the Church in order to discern their own personal gifts through workshops, retreat and Bible study. It opens doors to opportunities for the use of those gifts within the context of community. The leadership of WLI serve as as Advisors to Youth Ministry and try to impart into them liturgically based in Scripture and gospel values that are grounded in our community.

Word of Life Int't visioned to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ; draw youth to responsible participation in the faith community’s life and work and foster each young person’s personal and spiritual growth.

To work within the Mission of the Church and to create a young christian community centered in Christ

To create an holistic environment of family based ministry for all 6th through 12 grade youth

To provide opportunities to involve youth in the liturgy (reading the Bible), community and outreach ministry

To work in accord with existing ministries to provide opportunities for personal growth and commitment and to provide opportunities for young adults involvement within youth ministry.

Mission Support