Our Programs

Providing Health Care for the Elderly

As a fast-growing Ministry, we are constantly working on new projects and upgrading existing ones. Many of the projects we take on are serving humanity, Providing Health Care for the Elderly, Intellectual disability, Biblical Education for adults, Summer programs to engage and motivate the youth to come to Christ, Community Prayer Service, Training and workshops to enrich our leadership and ministers in Kingdom Building.

Our programs are not limited to the United States but also expanded within Africa, especially in Liberia, where an ad-hoc center is currently operating, establishing schools, orphanage homes, and provision Health centers.

Word Of Life International

To accommodate and accomplish these plans, we count on your spiritual and financial support. As a young Ministry, we cannot achieve these plans if your input and resources are limited. As the Spirit of God leads you to contribute to our Ministry and the various ongoing projects and those we plan to undertake through the year 2012-2014. Our prayers will be with you; as you support us, our Lord God Almighty will reward you in abundance.

Our Provider Service

Word of Life International, Inc. – Provides an All-inclusive Person-Centered Coordinated Care with a broad-based caring solution to meet every need. We believe in the shared experience with the community as a core in professionalizing our role in our services. We believe that recovery and resilience take place within the context of relationships with people and communities and not disempowerment and disconnection from others. With our highly trained professionals (social services workers and counselors), we integrate care and services across multiple populations and deliver arrangement creativities from a broader perspective that covers (Spirit, soul and body). Over the last three years, we have provided direct support services to cancer patients, elders who need care, and troubled teens at no cost to beneficiaries. Seeking for professional, reliable, and caring Caregiver, click to

Our Biblical Education

Word of Life, in partnership with Sure Foundation Theological Institute, makes it easier to fulfill God's call on your life! Our mission is to educate men and women toward maturity of their faith in the walk of Christ Jesus and preparation for life of services, leadership, and reconciliation in society. Our programs are built on a foundation in academic and educational integrity principles, faith, practical field-based research, living, and learning that enhance one's success in an enriching and self-rewarding way that is pleasing to the Creator. Throughout these programs, you will enjoy engaging podcasts, interesting threaded discussions, and thought-provoking comments designed to transform how we learn. You will also enjoy ample opportunities to build lifelong, supportive bonds with classmates and professors. Click to learn more about earning a degree in Biblical Studies.

International Mission

As part of our global expansion drive, WLI-Liberia has maintained temporal buildings and needs funds to reconstruct our worship centers at the first four rural mission stations using the same design to accommodate not less than 200 persons and construct school facilities. The present structures in the rural areas are temporary, and if WLI is to continue its mission programs, we must erect permanent structures. Funds generated from church members in Liberia cannot construct a permanent structure without sustained support from generous Christians & Partners to undertake such projects. In addition, WLI will also need supporters for programs including an orphanage, agriculture, income generation, education, health, water, and sanitation. Youth and elderly programs are a necessity in this plan. To learn more about our international mission and pledge your support...

Summer Program for Kids

Our youth's support program was enhanced in 2011 with a partnership agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the provision of Lunch and snacks for all children ages 1 through 18 and up to their 19th birthday. During this program, we served over 4,582 meals to the community's youth. We look forward to increasing our services in 2015 and include both an academic and recreational component consisting of academic reinforcement, computer-assisted learning, and arts. We believe that our youth remain engaged socially and are prepared academically for challenges ahead of them for the next academic school year. Youth are placed under the guidance of the Church Elders and skillful volunteers specializing in computer education, arts, and teaching. The program runs from June through September. Join the SUMMER FUN and make it a place for your children. For more information about our Summer Youth Program...

Mission Support