Our Story
Where We Came From

Our stories start with the 14 years civil war in Liberia that lasted from 1990 to 2004 which our leader Rev. Dr. Kparku Sam Ndorleh also experience until Februard 2002 before he came to the USA. His experience with the sufferings during the war was the signal to his all out devotion to serving the less foutunate and suffering people of the world.

It was not a mistake for God to save Dr. Ndorleh on July 20, 1988 and two years of preparation at the hands of Missionaries from the Living Word Mission from the USA. During the war as evidenced in the first picture in this slide, Dr. Ndorleh was on of those who suffered but allowed his suffering to lead him to taking a course of action to help others.

Blessed with three losses of everything during the war, (1990, 1993 and 1996), Dr. Ndorleh was also blessed with jobs that provided him the resources to help other (The Red Cross 1991-1992, Liberians United to Serve Humanity 1992 - 1994, United Nations Military Observes Mission to Liberia 1994 - 1997 and The joing projects of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees & German Technical Cooporation - GTZ 1997-2002).

As Dr. Ndorleh was travelling from place to place in Liberia, he was being led by God to lay the foundation of this great path. This mission was launched in November 1997 and incorporated in August 1998 in Liberia. The work started with acquisition of land in Todee and Monrovis to start the mission, and then to Gbarnga, P River and the Tubman Military Academy, a mission to rebels and the military.

By the end of his stay in Liberia and to come to the USA as permanent resident in February 2002, five churches were now temporarily built and three elementary schools started. This is where we want you our supporters to start.

The war left over 200,000 people dead, over 2,000,000 displaced, and the infracture of the nation totally destroyed. Children who were born prior to and during the war, have had no foundation for life, no education and many are without parental source of support.

While we are working here in the USA, we would like you to send us back to help with education, agriculture, health, life skills and sustainable income generation programs. See our international programs.